Qualitative research is personally crafted rely to obtain keen insight into people and situations, but for the qualitative detective, the range of technological tools and techniques has shown a rapid increase.

We endow researchers to probe deeper and to report more creatively about consumer’s perception through various methodologies:


In-depth interview (IDIs) is a qualitative method of evolving rapport with consumer which provides preliminary information that can be further analyzed to obtain deeper insights. Epitome caters the need of better sampling and dives through the flexibility with IDIs to meet the objective of the research project. Telephonic Depth Interviews come into play at times, highly selective participants, could be hard to reach or to initiate a discussion about complex topics. While conducting TDIs, the study and PII is kept confidential. It is only with the prior permission and consent of the respondent when recoding of the discussion is taken. Epitome provides digital audio recording of all the completed interviews, along with transcripts if required, to help our client verify and evaluate the authenticity of the interviews.


Dyad is a type of qualitative interviewing approach that consists of a moderator and two (Dyads). This method offers same benefits of in-depth interview (IDI), with an added discussion among respondents, owing to exchange of their thoughts on the same topic.


Triad is a type of qualitative interviewing where respondents involved in the discussion have some relationship that could be related with work, family, interest etc.

Mystery Shopping

Main objective of conducting a Mystery Shopping exercise is to evaluate the quality of service that has been provided to the customer or to provide information about various operational aspects, so that the services offered to the customer can be improved. At Epitome, it is ensured to use the most objective and unbiased way of find out the true feedback by enacting as a consumer.


Ethnographic research support provides comprehensive information about the consumer in terms of approach, cultural trends, routine factors and how social framework impacts product selection and usage. Our researchers closely observe and examine home environment, ask questions and listen to get insights into customer tendencies, responses, and difficulties.


A Focus Group Discussion FGD is a discussion among a group of respondents on a predetermined topic planned for research purposes. FGDs are used for generating information on combined views- perceptions, experiences and beliefs, and the meanings that lie behind those view-points. Epitome facilitates qualitative research FGDs by keeping in mind the availability & convenience of the consumers and the facility arrangement as per client requirements.

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