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Epitome research services is a full service market research agency.
Our core expertise is to collect brand advocate's voice and analyse their opinion.

We offer diversified services dealing both in Quantitative and Qualitative market research, which would help in forming business decisions, optimize strategies, fuel thought leadership, and drive headlines. We are efficient and fast expanding research firm with operations across market. Our focus is to understand client's requirements and provide solutions to them using the latest technology and various methodology. Our key strength is the team which stretches its caliber with extensive knowledge of local market and experience in field-tab & market research at global level research. At Epitome Research Services we ensure the quality of the data delivered via methods which sync well with latest trends.

Deep Dive to explore

Why? Who? What? When? Where? How? We believe in observing and scrutinizing the consumer’s sentiment. Our broad retinue of Qualitative and Quantitative researchers helps in unsealing the emotive connections between people and brands to get to the deepest...
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Meticulously measure the data

We believe in making sense out of the overloaded data. We use the most imaginative consumer research approaches and techniques which is both traditional and digital. We assure coherent thinking, from deep immersion to advanced analytics.
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Pioneer absolute result

Our aim is to ensure to pass the right message to the right audience. We achieve end point by delivering creative, multimedia outputs to bring our clients even closer to the brand advocate’s voice behind the data.
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Our Expertise

We've built a user-friendly product and experience that makes complex sampling projects easy to manage.
We're thrilled to support you whenever help is needed, however.


Qualitative research is personally crafted rely to obtain keen insight into people and situations, but for the qualitative detective, the range of technological tools and techniques has shown a rapid increase.


Quantitative research is about measuring
and representing numbers to a market - size, share, penetration,
and growth rates.

Data Processing and Analysis

Data Processing and Analysis is a process of validating, sorting, qualifying and classifying data through systematic application of statistical and/or logical techniques with the objective of ascertaining valuable insights which would assist in decision-making.

Miscellaneous Services

We operate an advanced programming laboratory, staffed by
experienced programmers, to program complex surveys
for research purposes. We offer tool- or custom-based
web survey programming services.


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Join Our Panel

We are a market research company always looking for individuals across the GLOBE to participate in various projects. Our projects typically cover healthcare, financial, utilities, and other service industries. Of course, you will be compensated for your efforts with points and rewards depending on the study and how much time you need to spend.

We email you a survey link, you complete the survey at your convenience and earn points for doing so!

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